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About us
The scenery was a very hot and humid summer’s day at a Spur steak ranch on the Bluff in Durban. We were frustrated what we were seeing happening around us, the lack of support for safety individuals, the amount of unemployed safety personnel within the construction sector and we got to a boiling point and said enough was enough.
We arranged a table for about 30+ members who had previously confirmed that they were coming to our first actual meeting, but about 12 truly committed members from HSE, senior construction managers, supervision and other professionals with similar concerns agreed on that day of the 21st of December 2013, that we would pull together and make a prominent impact within the Construction fraternity.
We declared to do our utmost best to improve how occupational Health, Safety and Environmental aspects were being conducted within South Africa and eventually effecting abroad as well.
A few days later and the scene changed to an office in Durban, Quality Street at RK-Safety’s offices where we established HSE Connection Point and our determination to change the negative and destructive culture amongst our people, and we as group committed to do the following:
Assisting/Supporting our fellow brothers and sisters who are struggling to find employment and finding it difficult to get information within the industry.
Sharing our knowledge freely amongst each other and ensure we help each other progress within their careers and likewise helping fellow members to find employment as and when we can assist.
Being the helping hand to other junior and less experienced safety people who were now required to register without being given the guidance within the industry.
Since our inception of early 2013 we have assisted numerous members to locate employment with some members finding employment more than twice. We have tallied a total of members who have found employment at a whopping 64 since 2013.
We aspired to give back to our less fortunate communities, others struggling within the HSE construction, mining and less experienced HSE personnel who were seeking employment. We wanted to give back what we had learned through value-added training, general guidance and started shared our amalgamated experiences within the Health, Safety & Environmental fraternity.
We agreed that we needed to have a distinct voice and hear the honest concerns from the multitudes and voice these sensitive concerns. We identified a notable rift between ethnic and other cultural boundaries, and we knew we needed to start working together to bridge the chasm which has been created through historical and current challenges which we are still plagued with within our country at large.
We subsequently stepped up our societal targets and objectives and registered a Non-Profit Organisation in October 2017 to expand our reach and support within South Africa, neighbouring Southern African Countries and possibly expanding to an internationally recognised HSE organisation within the near future
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Why should I join HSE Connection Point one may ask?
•I have been seeking employment- We have daily, and weekly jobs posted of current work opportunities;
•I have been struggling with resolving my issues and concerns with the SACPCMP- Being a VA with the SACPCMP they must respond to us and we assist all members with their concerns;
•I am a Candidate and need a mentor to guide me through my SACPCMP process- We provide mentorship assistance with our Candidate SACPCMP members;
•I have recently become a junior safety officer and I don’t know who to speak to for help-A large group of professionals assisting juniors and other HSE professionals who ask questions and get answers; 
•Being the helping hand to other junior and less experienced safety people who were now required to register without being given the guidance within the industry.
•I have many questions in HSE, but I don’t know who to ask?- Once you have joined you immediately have access to our interactive Blog page and WhatsApp groups where you can ask your questions and get answers;
•Sharing our knowledge freely amongst each other and ensure we help each other progress;
•I don’t know anyone within the HSE fraternity nobody knows me- Conducting networking engagements allowing our members to network with other professionals;
•I would like to study but most courses are too expensive- We have negotiated substantially reduced prices up to 50% discounts from Sheilds for Nebosh & other International qualifications;
•I can’t afford the annual fees to other safety organisations as its expensive and I can’t afford a lump sum-        We have the lowest annual membership fees in the country, and it can be paid off over a few months;
•I don’t have access to HSE documents- We share requested HSE related documents and information;
•I have legal questions and concerns which I would  like answers to, but I don’t know who to ask?-                      We have a network of members with senior members consisting of advocates, lawyers and many corporate managers country wide;
•I don’t know which courses to study to help me progress within the HSE field?- Guiding professionals with study choices for improvement;
•We have major concerns and issues with the SACPCMP and other organisations, but it seems like nobody is assisting us.- We have signed MOU’s with the DOL & SACPCMP and are engaging with the DOL, CBE, DSD , SACPCMP and the Minister of Public works, discussing positive ways forward for every HSE professional to benefit;
•I am unemployed and I can’t afford training- We have been arranging free training courses for some members with training organisations who have been donating courses to us as their way of giving back;
•I can’t afford to pay large amounts of money for my SACPCMP Continuous Professional Development-We provide low cost CPD points towards their SACPCMP registration;

A way forward:
This organisation has a clear vision and implementation plan, it is already a formidable force and will address the stumbling blocks required to transform the industry so that it permeates within the industry, being an example to others within the HSE fraternities.
Core Values


We are an ethical organisation operating with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and
transparency, translated in everything we do.
Developing leaders who value the safety and health of people above anything else.
We believe in equality, transformation, equal opportunities, gender, ethnicity and promoting gender
Corporative approach and working with other stakeholders and individuals.
Caring, trustworthy, responsible, taking ownership, commitment, involvement, dignied and respectful
Striving to offer the highest quality and most affordable training programs.
Remaining at the cutting edge of the industry and technology.
Supporting the enhancement, development and implementation of high-quality standards across the
Working with our counterparts within the project and construction management fraternity.
Operating the organisation with sound business principles that add value to the members of the
organisation in line with our targets and objectives.
Continually raising the bar of what's possible in terms of value delivery.
Aligning and partnering with other stakeholders that hold similar values and objectives.


The organization always takes consideration into the following approaches during the implementation
Working with multifaceted organisations and individuals:
Signing a Memorandums of Understanding with the Department of Labour, SACPCMP, CBE and other
government and private stakeholders.
Information Sharing: Enhancing OSH knowledge and information and creating networking
environments for individuals and SMME's to collaborate and learn from each other.
A key role is to enrich our fraternity through worldwide dialogues and interaction on prevention
through various means and activities aimed at strengthening and actively supporting the contribution
of knowledge.
Attracting brilliant minds within the SHEQ fraternity and allowing them to share with our members
through webinars and seminars.
Participation and Inclusion: Sustainability:
Real case Access to information: Provision of Professional Services:









HSECP has the following systems and policies:


  • Staff Management Policy

  • Finance Policy

  • Information Management Policy

  • Communication Policy

  • Training and Development Policy

  • Volunteering Policy

  • Conict Management policy

  • Disciplinary policy

  • Funding and Bursary Application Policy


Current Corporate membership Services:
Hands on assistance for all or Corporate members;
Being the voice for our SMME's representing them at meetings and other engagements;
Digital issue of the National Safety Magazine;
Mentorship assistance for 1 of your employees through our SACPCMP Candidate support group;
Sharing HSE documentation and information;
HSE Connection Point Blog with applicable and relevant;
Guiding our SMME's to improve their compliance and any queries they may have;
Arranging networking meetings allowing our members to network;
Immediately join our WhatsApp interactive groups;
Communicating newly released and relevant safety information acquired for the industry via emails,
social media, available for downloads from our website;

Current Membership services:

Learnership programs assisting with bursaries through MERSETA;
Offering our members up to 20% off on all SHEILDS RSA Nebosh & IOSH qualications;
Virtual Reality HSE training and resale of products to clients;
SACPCMP registration assistance;
Mentorship assistance for Candidate SACPCMP members;
Assisting members through workshops when submitting their SACPCMP documentation;
Sharing Job advertisements and rst-hand work opportunities by other members;
Sharing HSE documentation and information;
Assisting our members with learnership programs;
Digital issue of the National Safety Magazine;
Raffling courses to assist random members to receive value-adding courses;
Negotiating with companies to assist students with practical site experience;
Learnership programmes focused on underprivileged members and students;
HSE Connection Point Blog with applicable and relevant;
Advising members with the most suitable training courses for their personal development;
Advising members of internal study groups foster peer to peer mentoring exams;
Members can receive CPD points through, seminars, webinars and workshops;
Networking with members, advocates, lawyers, CEO's of SMME's and many corporate Managers;
Arranging networking meetings allowing our members to network;
Immediately join our WhatsApp interactive groups;
Gaining 5 Points by being a paid-up member for all those wanting to register with SACPCMP;
Representing our members at Voluntary Association meetings, SHE forums and committees.
Fundraising events to raise funds within the organisation;
Assisting our members with information on Degrees
, Diplomas and short courses from members who
have passed these qualifications;
Communicating newly released and relevant safety information acquired for the industry via emails,
social media, available for downloads from our website;
Lowest membership fees in South Africa;


We are an organisation that has been developed with the intention to enhance the livelihood and
sustainable development to the previously disadvantaged communities by:
Assisting people in finding employment and remaining employed
Assisting SMME's with their SHEQ related concerns and queries and developing them collaboratively.
Being a generative organisation that gives back to communities
To listen to the concerns and to be a voice for our members in addressing the specific concerns within the
industry and to ensure they are well represented at the correct forums.
Building and maintaining cohesive stakeholder relationships.
Aligning skills development initiatives and mentorship programmes with international best practices.
Acting with honesty and integrity and be a trusted partner and maintaining excellent service to all.
Be among the leaders in recruitment services for matching demand and supply in terms of quality.
To empower our members to actively participate in the national economy, utilising all the available
avenues such as education, negotiating and sourcing suitable learnership and internship opportunities.
Creating opportunities for our members to continually develop their competence and experience.
Inuencing industry leadership and state organs for the advancement of the HSE Profession.
Being an organisation holding other stakeholders accountable for their actions or lack thereof.


Our Mission is to ensure positive transformation in our industry e.g. through
legislative influence and policies.
Positively influencing the standard of compliance to safety requirements by private and state entities.
Changing the current safety culture in our operational regions to a more generative safety culture.
Developing competent and professional SHEQ Professionals and creating an opportunity for them to
plough back into the industry and lifting others through each generation.
Assisting councils to achieve their relevant targets aimed
at improving our profession and overall workplace safety.
Raising the current status quo within Africa by benchmarking with other countries
throughout the world.
Our Background:

HSE Connection Point (HSECP) is a non-governmental, Non-profit organization. It was established in 2013
as a result of the frustrations we had been faced with as SHEQ Professionals due to limited assistance and
support. We wanted to give back what we had learned through value-added training, general guidance
and started shared our amalgamated experiences within the Health, Safety & Environmental fraternity.
Our motivating force was to improve, empower the most vulnerable, deprived and previously
disadvantaged people and SMME's within Africa. We identified a notable rift between ethnic and other
cultural boundaries, and we knew we needed to start working together to bridge the chasm which had
been created through historical and current challenges, which we are still plagued with within our
continent at large.

Our Credentials:

HSE Connection Pont is a 100% black-owned enterprise consisting of historically disadvantaged
individuals with a blend of various races, creeds and other foreign nationals. The organisation has a
gender mix comprising of male & female staff members, paid members, service providers and consultants
of varying ethnicity, experience, competence and qualifications across a broad spectrum of industries.
We have several advocates, lawyers and other senior professionals which make up our ever-growing
membership and some senior CEO's which make up our Corporate Membership. HSE CP received formal
registration on the 27th September 2017, as a non-Profit Company and in 2018 we registered as HSE
Connection Point, (registered 2017/431079/08). We registered as a non-profit organisation with the
Department of Social Development in 2018 (215-977 NPO). We are also registered in 2019 as a Voluntary
Organisation with the SACPCMP V/014/2019


The organisation initially started with our vision to aid and support fellow HSE Professionals who were
struggling to nd support and information within the industry. However, this has since expanded to a much
broader vision to be a “go-to” organisation which is a catalyst in producing empowered SHEQ
professionals who add notable value to the National Economy, by bringing their expertise to industry and
raising the standard of Occupational Health & Safety.Furthermore, we have already started influencing
organs of state and private enterprises through cohesion in a manner that signicantly improves
workplace safety standards, forging lasting relations and holding them to task, thus enhancing the lives of
many within our continent. One of our primary focusses is empowering the previously disadvantaged
communities, poor and inexperienced SHEQ personnel while adding overall value to all sectors within
The success of this organisation rests deeply rooted in the commitment and engagement of our members.
We have a clear vision and implementation plan and we are already a formidable force as we continue
to knock on doors, making our voice heard and addressing several stumbling blocks which are hindering
the transformation within Africa.
We shall continue to raise salient issues and work tirelessly until we see the results we are expecting from
both government and private sectors.