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Launch of HSECP Blog
Dear Members
We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of our very own HSE Connection Point Blog.
Many of our member may asked What is a Blog?
Definition of blog
The term "blog" is short for "weblog," which refers to an online journal. Blogs began as personal mini sites that people used to record their opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos. As the web has grown and changed, blogs have gained more recognition and merit.
The blog will become a critical part of communication at HSECP and we hope to see all of our member’s being active on the blog by connecting and sharing HSE related topics and articles.
This platform can also be used for those wanting to draft their own HSE articles which will be published and shared with other organisations as well as on our own websites.
This feature is only available to member’s who are in Good Standing with HSECP, and these will gain access to the information and permitted to share on the blog. User names and passwords will be shared with members who are in Good Standing.
Please follow the link to our brand NEW HSECP BLOG
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